Hollow Land is a story about the eternal human search for a place to call home, a film that begins, as all such searches must, with the dream of utopia. Solomon and Berta are two seekers who arrive—their treasured bathtub improbably in tow – in a seemingly sun-washed land that promises respite from their many journeys. hollow_11Whether it’s reusing a tea bag or fiddling with pipes until they finally work, Solomon tries to make the best of whatever comes his way. Berta is not so optimistic, nor willing to give up on her dreams. photo09

Filmmakers Uri and Michelle Kranot depict the couple through two-dimensional clay puppets that move within a rich environment created largely from cut-outs. Just as the characters in Hollow Land bear the marks of their travels, so too do the puppets bear the physical imprints of their creators – a refreshing, immediate symbol of the power of human creativity and resilience.hollow_14From the hopeful first moments of Berta and Solomon’s arrival, to the final haunting scene at sea, Hollow Land is an evocative animated film that captures the unsettled state of those who find themselves displaced – whether by circumstance or by choice.hollow_15


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