Michelle and Uri Kranot are independent filmmakers, interdisciplinary artists and immigrants. Originally from Israel, they have been living away from their “homeland” for many years, making films and projects in different countries, searching for their “utopia” in animation and in reality…

Their films have won numerous international prizes and participated in numerous film festivals. They have conducted master classes all around the world and have had retrospective screenings including at the Forum des images in Paris 2009.

For the past eight years they have been working as artists in residence at “The Animation Workshop” in Viborg, Denmark, where they also teach and guide the bachelor projects of the school.

2013 ‘Hollow Land’, 14 min. Denmark/France/Canada
2010 ‘White Tape’, 2:20 min. Denmark.
2008 ’The heart of Amos Klein’, 14 min, Denmark /France /Netherlands/ Israel.
2005 ‘God on our side’, 7 min, Netherlands.
2003 ‘Fallout’, 5:30 min, Israel.
2002 ‘Ducks’, 4 min, Israel.
2001 ‘Avinu Malkenu’, 3 min, Israel.


White Tape (2010)
‘White Tape’ explores the theme of boundaries; the frame, the space between brushstrokes and the implications of occupation.

The heart of Amos Klein (2008)

God on our side (2005)


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